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Lawyers and Agents based in Austin, TX; Rochester, NY; and Memphis, TN. Our clients benefit from our decades of experience in proudly serving the IP stakeholder communities across the United States.

“Mr. Hulsey is an outstanding professional. He is straight-forward and knowledgeable. He has tremendous experience in US and international IP issues. Bill and his staff are quickly responsive and take the time to explain the hows and whys of IP law. At the USPTO in DC, he is engaging and expert. I have experience with other firms, Hulsey is by far the most able.” – Mark A., Houston, TX

“Their expertise in their field is matched only by their enthusiasm to help us succeed in ours. Foresight, execution, responsiveness and success are hallmarks of our experience with Bill Hulsey and his team.” – Dr. Charlie D., Rochester, NY

“For many years, Bill Hulsey and his associates have provided the very best assistance in drafting patent applications and taking them from the beginning stages to issued patents around the world.” – Ali G., Austin, TX

“Bill Hulsey and his team have become part of our business family. We count on Bill for our intellectual property work and for his past wealth of business experience advice.”  – Dr. Gary B., San Marcos, TX

“Bill has been extremely helpful to our venture in helping to execute on our legal strategy as well as in advising us as a company.” – David S., Austin, TX

“Bill and his team are exceptional at listening to the description of a concept, advising on how to frame its value proposition, and successfully executing a strategy of domestic and international protection.”– Michael K., Houston, TX

“Bill Hulsey and his team are a integral part of our business providing consulting and legal services for start-ups, IP and more. I have personally used Bill for patent filings, trademarks, business start-up legal work and more. He and his entire team are great!” – John H., Palo Alto, CA

“Hulsey is one of the few firms that is both highly skilled and entrepreneur friendly. They understand how to service both large and small companies – very special.” – Jamie R., Austin, TX

“I have worked with Bill and his team for six years on patent applications, USPO office actions, examiner interviews, etc. and can’t say enough good things about this practice. His whole staff is very patient and takes care to explain each step along the way without wasting time.” – Sally D., San Antonio, TX

Our firm goal is to make each day a masterpiece as we strive to be known as:

“A Gold Standard in Intellectual Property for
A Competitive, Entrepreneurial Marketplace”

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Hulsey PC is committed to educating and serving our clients and IP stakeholders through these valuable, client-focused IP resources: 

IP MoNiToR: A Quarterly Review of Changes in Intellectual Property Law and Business

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