Our Promise

Hulsey 2015
HULSEY PC specializes in the practice of intellectual property (IP) law for emerging growth clients. We are known as a premier IP legal advisors for technology, life sciences, and other growth enterprises. We represent companies at every stage of development, from entrepreneurial start-ups to global corporations. We understand that the U.S., our home market, represents less than five percent of the world’s population in a rapidly changing global market. Accordingly, we advise and counsel our clients with a worldwide perspective to provide them with needed IP protection for all stages of their growth. We also serve as IP counsel to company management, boards of directors, shareholders, and in-house counsel, helping them to understand and master any situation relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and related tactical and strategic challenges.

The principles that guide our work:

 Integrity, in the work we do and the relationships we maintain, is the driving force of our firm. We realize that IP matters are often sensitive and take pride in the fact that our clients trust us to represent them with integrity in everything we do.

Excellent Work Product:
 Providing our clients with excellent work product demands that we approach all we do with a standard of consistent, high quality performance. Our records and communications with clients are detailed and clear, with messages and phone calls promptly returned, deadlines met as promised.

Reasonable Fees:
 We can work by the hour, on a contingency plan, or on other fee arrangements. But regardless of the structure, our fees are reasonable, and in many cases highly competitive with the finest IP law practices in the U.S. We maintain a comparatively low overhead, closely monitor the bills we send our clients, and keep our word on whatever fee arrangement we may undertake.

Continuing Education:
 We believe that continuing education in the rapidly changing IP law fields is the essential lifeblood of our practice. To this end, we engage weekly in-group training of all our professionals. Our attorneys complete an average of more than 50 hours of C.L.E. (Continuing Legal Education) a year. This is more than three times the typical state bar C.L.E. requirement. We also provide to all of our professionals the educational resources they need to move to the next levels in their individual professional journeys.

 We consider the practice of law to be a life journey and a privilege that carries with it both a fiduciary duty to clients and a fraternal relationship with others in the legal profession, both domestically and internationally. As such, our clients, all legal staff, patent agents, lawyers, and judges deserve our respect, even when in disagreement. We demonstrate respect through practices and policies calling for courtesy and civility, in accordance with the legal profession’s noblest traditions.

Community Service:
 We hold that law, in its purest sense, is community service. Moreover, with IP rights and concerns ever increasing in global importance, we believe that academic and professional education is a necessity. IP law, fundamentally, exists to permit commerce and creativity to thrive in advancing communities and developing markets. As such, our professionals are committed to finding and actively engaging in areas of community service, including pro bono services, where we seek to make a positive difference.

William Hulsey Attorney / Lawyer