Memphis EconoVention Update

Memphis EconoVention Update

An Invention and Innovation Update for the Mid-South Region
Patents Issuing on March 12, 2019 to
Memphis & Mid-South Inventors & Entrepreneurs



Integration of Medical Software and Advanced Image Processing
United States Patent    10,229,497


AbstractAccording to one embodiment, at least a portion of medical information of a patient is displayed within MRCS executed within a local device, the medical information including medical treatment history of the patient. At least a portion of the displayed medical information of the patient is transmitted to a medical imaging processing server over a network, where the transmitted medical information includes a patient identifier (ID) of the patient. Both the at least a portion of patient medical information and one or more medical images are displayed within the MRCS, where the medical images are associated with the patient and rendered by the medical image processing server. A set of icons representing a set of image processing tools is displayed within the MRCS, which when activated by a user, allow an image to be manipulated by the imaging processing server.

Inventors:        Taylor; Robert James (San Francisco, MA), Zhao; Tiecheng (Concord, CA), Frandsen; Tim (Germantown, TN)
Assignee:        TeraRecon, Inc. (Foster City, CA)

Methods and Apparatus for Proactively Reporting A Content Status Of
A Node-Enabled Logistics Receptacle
United States Patent    10,229,382

Abstract: Methods, computer-readable medium, and apparatus are described for proactively reporting a content status of a node-enabled logistics receptacle in a wireless node network. Generally, the node-enabled logistics receptacle may update the content status stored in memory onboard the node-enabled logistics receptacle based upon whether the node-enabled logistics receptacle has received a package and is temporarily maintaining custody of the package. The receptacle may then broadcast status information related to the updated content status for the node-enabled logistics receptacle. In more detail, a node assembled within the node-enabled logistics receptacle may detect a signal broadcast from a master node in the wireless node network, access the content status stored in memory onboard the receptacle, and broadcast status information to the master node related to the content status for the node-enabled receptacle.

Inventors:        Skaaksrud; Ole-Petter (Germantown, TN)
Assignee:        FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. (Collierville, TN)

Counter Electrode for Electrochromic Devices
United States Patent    10,228,601

Abstract: The embodiments herein relate to electrochromic stacks, electrochromic devices, and methods and apparatus for making such stacks and devices. In various embodiments, an anodically coloring layer in an electrochromic stack or device is fabricated to include nickel-tungsten-niobium-oxide (NiWNbO). This material is particularly beneficial in that it is very transparent in its clear state.

Inventors:        Gillaspie; Dane (Fremont, CA), Kailasam; Sridhar K. (Fremont, CA), Rozbicki; Robert T.(Germantown, TN)
Assignee:        View, Inc. (Milpitas, CA)

Conductive Chain for Touch Dimming Overhead Lights
United States Patent    10,228,116

Abstract: Switches, devices, systems, and methods for using a conductive pull chain on an overhead light where physically touching the chain can turn on and off the light as well as provides dimming levels of the overhead light, and for converting overhead light fixtures to have a pull chain that can become touch sensitive to turn on and off and have different light dimming levels. The pull chains can also be consecutively pulled to different brightness levels with three switch controls. The overhead lights can be wall mounted lights, ceiling mounted lights and/or ceiling fans with light fixtures.

Inventors:        Burns; James P. (Memphis, TN), Byrne; Brendan P. (GermantownTN, TN)
Assignee:        Palm Coast Imports, LLC (Memphis, TN)

Tie Down Anchor
United States Patent    10,227,787

Abstract: We disclose a portable protection shelter that may be easily transported and set up as needed. The shelter provides protection from deadly weather, including storms, hail, hurricanes, and tornados. Additionally, it may be used as a survival pod or as protection from assailants or aggressive animals. The shelter can be transported as required, including through doors, and assembled and disassembled on demand using common handheld tools.

Inventors:        Spano; Dawson (Maggie Valley, NC), King, III; Charles (Germantown, TN)
Applicant: Emergency Universal Shelter Alliance, LLC DBA EUSA, LLC , Memphis, TN

Spinal Implant System and Method
United States Patent    10,226,353

Abstract:A spinal implant comprises an implant body extending between an anterior surface and a posterior surface and includes a first vertebral engaging surface and a second vertebral engaging surface. The implant body includes an inner surface that defines at least one cavity that is oriented to implant a fastener oblique relative to a lateral axis of a subject body and adjacent an intervertebral space of the subject body. At least one indicia is disposed with the implant body to facilitate orientation of the implant body with the subject body. Systems and methods are disclosed.

Inventors:        Waugh; Lindsey G. (Memphis, TN), Melkent; Anthony J. (Germantown, TN), Blackwell; Jonathan E.(Arlington, TN), Durocher; Thomas E. (Memphis, TN), Gowan; Carrie L. (Memphis, TN), Wilfong; Bret Matthew (Hernando, MS), Carls; Thomas A. (Memphis, TN), Hynes; Richard A. (Melbourne, FL), Silcox, III; D. Hal (Atlanta, GA), Cowan; John A. (Rome, GA), Mobasser; Jean-Pierre (Indianapolis, IN)
Assignee:        Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc. (Warsaw, IN)

Revision Implant Augments, Systems, And Methods
United States Patent    10,226,351

Abstract: A revision implant component comprising a body having a plurality of screw holes and a tapered head configured to engage a talar dome component of a multi-component ankle prosthesis. A surgical method is disclosed which includes creating an incision in a patient, exposing a multi-component ankle prosthesis implanted in a patient, disassembling at least one component of the multi-component ankle prosthesis, affixing a revision implant component to non-damaged bone using screws, and coupling the revision implant component to a talar dome of the multi-component ankle prosthesis.

Inventors:        Sander; Elizabeth J. (Memphis, TN)
Assignee:        Wright Medical Technology, Inc. (Memphis, TN)

Compliant Anti-Resorption Implant
United States Patent    10,226,347

Abstract: Systems, devices, and methods are described for providing orthopedic implants that reduces the negative effects of stress shielding on surrounding bone structure. The orthopedic implants are comprised of two portions, a shell portion that forms an articulation interfaces and an intermediate portion that forms a bone interface. The shell portion is designed to reduce absorption of articulation forces and evenly distribute incident forces to the intermediate portion. The intermediate portion is designed to form a strong interface with native bone and transmit forces from the shell into the bone.

Inventors:        Landon; Ryan L. (Southaven, MS)
Applicant: Smith & Nephew, Inc., Memphis, TN

Alignment Precision
United States Patent    10,226,301

Abstract: Alignment precision technology, in which a system accesses image data of a bone to which a reference marker array is fixed. The system generates a three-dimensional representation of the bone and the reference markers, defines a coordinate system for the three-dimensional representation, and determines locations of the reference markers relative to the coordinate system. The system accesses intra-operative image data that includes the bone and a mobile marker array that is attached to an instrument used in a surgical procedure. The system co-registers the intra-operative image data with the three-dimensional representation by matching the reference markers included in the intra-operative image data to the locations of the reference markers. The system determines locations of the mobile markers in the co-registered image and determines a three-dimensional spatial position and orientation of the instrument relative to the bone.

Inventors:        Wilkinson; Zachary Christopher (GermantownTN, TN), Landon; Ryan Lloyd (Southaven, MS), McKinnon; Brian W. (Bartlett, TN)
Assignee:        Smith & Nephew, Inc. (Memphis, TN)

Vision-Based Diagnosis and Treatment
United States Patent    10,226,172

Abstract: Devices and methods are provided herein for aiding in the early diagnosis and remediation of conditions that range from unpleasant to disabling. Images are presented to viewers in an assembly that also eye-tracks their eyes during that process and executes software to identify visual signatures of conditions in the responses of the eyes. Also, responsive treatment for a thus-identified presentation of the condition can be effected in real time providing the patient with both a cause-and-effect perception of the presentation of the condition and means for correcting related ocular behaviors right when they occur.

Inventors:        Simmons; John C (Germantown, TN)