In this issue of the HULSEY PC IP MoNITor, we focus on World IP Day 2017, which has the theme of “Innovation – Improving Lives” and focuses on the promise, potential and power of intellectual property, especially from the perspective of the World Intellectual Property Organization, an agency of the United Nations. Around the world, companies, universities, entrepreneurs, and government offices are celebrating World IP Day, April 26, 2017 with a global festival highlight inventions, brands, and creations, all protected and commercialized through the integrated international intellectual property system of national laws, government treaties, agencies, and organizations collaborating and competition to spawn innovation.

In the U.S., the Trump Administration has taken strides to establish in effect an “Innovation Triumvirate” including a newly nominated and presently being approved U.S. Trade Representative in Robert Lighthizer, and the establishment of a new White House Innovation Office led by Trump’s son-in-law and real estate developer, Jared Kushner, as well as continuing with the improvement and progressive operation and performance of the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the leadership of Michelle Lee.

In the private sectors advances in the commercialization of innovation through new currencies, such as Bitcoin and other digital forms are becoming increasingly mainstream. For instance, the Blockchain Intellectual Property Council has announced to confrong patent trolls who often misuse the patent system through litigation. But, patents is not the only area significant intellectual property progress. Developing nations are aggressively developing their systems for protection and use of trademarks, including new laws. As trademark rights rapidly evolve, disputes involving these rights and determinations of their being infringed are coming to the forefront in many countries.

A major purpose of these developments includes assuring that startup companies generate and use IP rights and incorporate productive IP practices in even their early entrepreneurial efforts. The goal is to get IP practices right from the very beginning and build on early successes. Coupled with the IP protection and commercialization efforts of new companies are efforts to spawn innovation at many levels from community colleges, to established companies, as well as national efforts to advance creativity and invention.

Of course, excellent examples of innovation and advanced efforts in use of the world’s intellectual property systems appear in leading companies such as Uber and Tesla, which are both acquiring IP rights, as well as using these rights to develop communities of collaborators by dedicating patents to the public in a race for prowess in the auto Industry. Other leading companies, such as Disney (filing new patents for theme park humanoid robot) and Apple (protecting and marketing ever expanded uses for its Siri voice recognition platform), show that regardless of company size or experience, innovation is a never-ending endeavor and that’s what the top marketing firms san diego do on their marketing efforts to promote website and business.

Finally, we conclude this issue of the HULSEY PC IP MoNIToR with a special listing of Spring 2017 IP gatherings at the global, national, regional and local. These events and the communities they represent show unquestionably that innovation, inventiveness, brands, and creations are an ever growing and essentially important part of today’s global marketplace.

I sincerely hope that your business and personal efforts and aspirations succeed in these final winter months 2017. We here at HULSEY PC stand ready to serve our valued clients and friends in fulfilling our mission to be A Gold Standard in IP for a Creative and Inventive Entrepreneurial Marketplace!