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| William N. Hulsey

 Developing New Technologies & Forming New Markets

Videos(V), Tutorials (T), Websites (W), Databases (D) & References (R)


  • 3-D Printing (V)

  • Anti-Counterfeiting Devices (V)

  • Bio Fuels (V)
  • Biometrics (V)
  • Bionic Limbs (V)
  • Self Driving Cars (V)
  • Electronic Tattoos (V)
  • Fuel Cell Efficiency (V)
  • Smart Concrete (V)
  • Synthetic Diamonds (V)
  • Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property and Effective University-Industry Partnerships (R)

  • IP PANORAMA:  A business-oriented IP educational video series from the World Intellectual Property Organization (V)

    • Importance of IP for Small and Medium Enterprises (V)

    • Trademarks and industrial designs (V)

    • Invention and patent (V)

    • Trade secrets (V)

    • Copyright and related rights (V)

    • Patent information (V)

    • Technology licensing in a strategic partnership (V)

    • IP in the digital economy (V)

    • IP and international trade (V)

    • IP audit (V)

    • Valuation of IP assets (V)

    • Trademark licensing (V)

    • Franchising (V)