Chandrasekhar Raju 

Technical Consultant
(512) 478-9190
[email protected]

Manager (Patent Drafting & Prosecution) Education: B.E. in Industrial Engineering & Management | Registered Indian Patent Agent Professional Experience: Possessing 6 years of experience in patent drafting & prosecution. Well versed with all phases of patent prosecution, drafted more than 200 patent applications (U.S and IN Patent Applications). Technologies: Web technology: Client-server architecture, Smartphone devices, User-interface, Location-based services, Streaming services, Cloud-based computing, Hadoop, OLAP, Telematics, Mobile Applications, Transaction Systems, Connected Devices | Internet of Things (IoT) | Enterprise Resource Software | Optical devices, augmented reality, camera and display systems, computer graphics, Kiosks, Micro ovens, State Machines | Telecom: 3GPP, B-nodes, handover | Electronics: DC-DC convertors, Analog-Digital Systems, Solar Panels | Mechanical: Automobile and Automotive technologies, Bearings, Machinery.