Intellectual Property Law Practice

HULSEY PC offers patent lawyers, trademark lawyers, and related area intellectual property law practice professionals serving client needs in Austin, TX; Tulsa, OK; Bentonville, AR; Memphis, TN; Jackson, MS; and Shreveport, LA to provide

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Medical Devices

The rapidly changing legal landscape facing the medical device industry demands creative individuals who can provide knowledgeable and skilled counsel and advice to medical device manufacturers and bioscience research laboratories. Whether it is the creation of a new biomedically engineered product or an improvement on an existing medical device, our intellectual property law professionals have rigorously guided our clients through the process of procuring and protecting their intellectual property rights.

HULSEY PC medical device industry clients have obtained patent and other IP service for the following technologies:

Dentistry and Surgery Devices and Systems

Distillation and Assay Apparatus and Systems

Electrolysis Process Technologies

Medical and Laboratory Equipment

Prosthesis (i.e., Artificial Body Members)

Mobility /Accessibility Aids and Accessories

Seals for Body Joints and Junctures