Slide1Upcoming HULSEY HUNT & PARKS PC IP Seminar:

What the Newly-Enacted “Defend Trades Secrets Act” Means to Your Business

HULSEY HUNT & PARKS PC will hold a seminar entitled “IP Protections and Transactions in Entertainment, Internet, and Sports Businesses” at the Austin Club on Thursday, April 21, 2016 from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. The seminar will provide an overview of trends and hot topics in sports, entertainment and internet law and legislation.

The session will address high-level issues in entertainment industry transactions and will cover legal and business issues and emerging trends in the television and video industries, including recent developments involving online video and user-generated content. Special attention will be given to the different modes of protection available for the different types of entertainment properties being created, shared, sold, and licensed. The session will also sort out the parties to game development deals and their respective interests, taking a look at key negotiating issues from both sides of the table.

Sports law issues the seminar will address include recent decisions relating to innovations and brands with universities and new companies. Presentations with further address the use of athletes’ images and the right of publicity, including the unclear state of the law and the tests courts have used to determine liability. Rights of publicity in amateur and professional sports context, as well as publicity jurisprudence and pending sports cases likely to set the course of the law in this area.

Mobile, cloud and digital/internet entertainment issues will include the impact of recent court decisions. The presentations will further include updates on how the DMCA, CDA, and secondary liability doctrines are being applied to material in the cloud or syndicated to mobile devices.