Consumer Products & Services, & Related Technologies

Companies that sell products and services to consumers face greater scrutiny and oversight from federal and state regulatory agencies than ever before. We help clients establish and maintain their brand identities in the marketplace. In addition to patent protection, we have extensive experience in all aspects of domestic and international trademark law and related areas such as domain names, trade dress and unfair competition.

Hulsey IP attorneys and patent agents have provided counsel to many well-known consumer brands companies, helping these clients protect and leverage the equity of their brands. We regularly file U.S. copyright applications and U.S. trademark applications.  Consumer products and services companies also call on us to deal with copyright infringements, copyright registrations, product licensing, work-for-hire agreements, ownership disputes, software licensing and e-commerce and Website matters.

If your brand is at stake contact nj lawyers, litigation may be your only option to protect what you’ve built. We’re qualified to help because we’ve frequently faced IP disputes involving consumer products.