The attorneys at HULSEY HUNT PC are skilled in obtaining copyrights in a variety of industries, ranging from software & internet to entertainment & amusement products. Additionally, the attorneys have prepared extensive copyright licensing contracts and can tailor a contract to your particular needs.

If you do not protect your creation with a registered copyright and someone else passes off the work as their own, the burden of proof falls on you to show you created the work or that you were the first person to create a work. The best way to protect your rights is to register your work with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. Once your work is registered, you own the rights to the original expression, the rights to all copies of the expression, the rights to all derivative works based on the original work, the rights to all distribution of the copies, the rights to perform the work publicly, and the rights to digital audio transmissions.

HULSEY HUNT will advise you as to the best methods for protecting your creative expressions, review all materials, and obtain all pertinent information prior to preparing and submitting your copyright application. Once a copyright is obtained, we can assist in protecting your rights, as well as preparing agreements allowing others to use or market your expression. Copyright licensing involves some of the most creative and detailed licensing contract drafting, and the attorneys at HULSEY HUNT can help shape a contract to your needs.

U.S. copyrights do not automatically give you an international copyright whereby your expression is protected throughout the world. There are many countries that offer protection to foreign works through international copyright treaties and conventions. HULSEY HUNT can provide you with invaluable advice in choosing the proper markets for your copyrighted works and getting you the most protection available throughout the world.