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IP Valuation & Financial Analysis

Valuation is considered as one of the most critical areas in finance; it plays a key role in many areas of finance such as buy/sell, solvency, merger and acquisition. Furthermore, intellectual property (IP) valuation is considered as one of the most important management strategic issues. There are numerous individual reasons or motivations for conducting an intellectual property valuation or economic appraisal analysis. It is prepared, for example, for transactions, pricing and strategic purposes, financing securitization and collateralization, tax planning and compliance, and litigations support.

Intellectual property derives its value from a wide range of significant parameters such as market share, barriers to entry, legal protection, IP’s profitability, industrial and economic factors, growth projections, remaining economic life, and new technologies. The valuation process necessitates gathering much more information as well as in-depth understanding of economy, industry, and specific business that directly affect the value of the intellectual property. Therefore, such information may be gathered from external and / or internal sources. Finally, the information is devoted to be turned into financial models to estimate the fundamental value of a particular type of intellectual property based on such adapted International Valuation Standards.

Hulsey IP has years of experience in the analytical processes needed to address the different approaches to industrial technology IP valuation, with a view toward a company’s financial performance and prospects, while taking into consideration the effects of risk in the valuation determination.