IP Arbitration & Other ADR

The attorneys of HULSEY HUNT PC are well respected for their abilities to assist in the resolution of IP disputes through trial and appeal. However, often non-judicial alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provides a much more effective and cost-efficient path to settlement. We can effectively develop a dispute resolution strategy designed to meet goals through ADR instead of trial.

Our ADR capabilities span from the resolution of domestic infringement cases to settlement of multinational infringement disputes. These processes seek to settle with agreements that set standards to be used as the basis for future patent challenges. We have participated in a number of important national and international ADR proceedings with the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the American Arbitration Association.

We have national and international experience in a variety of ADR procedures, including mediations before U. S. magistrate judges, before neutral experts, through various ADR organizations, and in open negotiations between principals and their lawyers. Also, we have the ability to serve as neutral lawyers and advisors for patent and trademark cases.